Exercise before blood tests

Exercise before blood tests

Postby MikeDCross » Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:00 pm


Now that I'm feeling better, I have returned to my old exercise plan, Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 06:30-07:30 and Sat/Sun 08:00-09:00; Mon/Wed are weight training; Tue/Fri/Sun are swimming (1-2 miles) and Sat is a weight based circuit program - I do not believe in easy, so they are as hard/fast as I can do them with good technique (some would argue this)...

I have routine fasting blood tests at 9 am; being 9 am means that I can hit the gym/pool and get to the doctors in time, so I do - yes, I may be a bit of an exercise junky:-)

Before my last blood taking, I'd fasted for 15 hours and swam 2 miles before giving blood. my blood results were all over the place, which confused my consultant, who wants them done again.

I asked her if exercise could affect the results of my blood tests; she basically had no clue.

So, I thought I ask the experts -- is it OK to exercise before giving blood - and if not, how many hours before giving blood should I stop exercising?


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