Lessening of stable response to usual hydrocortisone

Lessening of stable response to usual hydrocortisone

Postby Mgh » Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:15 pm

I would like to say thank you to Carl for his March Blog update. It is interesting and helpful to read of your experience and the response of your endocrinology team in relation to upping your hydrocortisone dose. It would be good if you could post a link to the blog on the forum. It could prompt a discussion between more of us in similar situations, about the advice received from our endocrinology teams. We have much to learn from one another. I will happily join in.
All the best and thank you for your helpful sharing.
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Re: Lessening of stable response to usual hydrocortisone

Postby Carl » Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:44 am

Hi Maria. Been on a weeks holiday, a combination of showing our dog at Crufts and a week away in the Peak District, so only just caught up with this message.

My blog can be found at https://chpituitarytumourblog.blogspot.com , as the years have gone by I've updated it less frequently because inevitably things get a bit repetitive. But I hope people find it of use, it is partly why I created it. Certainly in 2013 when I was diagnosed, there weren't too many Pituitary blogs to learn from. I found in the early days writing things down in the blog helped me assimilate what was happening to me, but it has been really useful to look back on and remember what happened when. I'd recommend that everyone keep some kind of diary/record of their condition, not an online blog necessarily, it can really help in your conversations with doctors. It was also a good way of keeping multiple family and friends up to date on how I was getting on without having to have loads of the same conversations with people. Lovely as it is when they ring/text/email to ask how I was getting on, I wasn't always in the best place to have those conversations.
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