Prolactinoma surgery

Prolactinoma surgery

Postby member_39105 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:04 pm

Hi I am Alison

Is there anyone out there that has had their prolactinoma removed with surgery? I have been offered this by my team and neurosurgeon; this scares the hell out of me. My periods stopped over 7 years ago and went to my doctors he gave me all the blood tests and said I was not going through the menopause. They didn’t return and after several more visits still had no answer for why they had stopped. Then 5 years ago I found a lump in my right breast, after several needle tests at the hospital the doctors still wasn’t sure if it was cancer, so I went in and had a piece of the lump removed for investigation, after three attempts and three operations later they finally said they wanted to remove the breast as the lump was in my milk ducts and re-construct the breast at the same time. They gave me a week to come to terms with this and make a decision as to what re-construction I wanted. Still in shock and not much time to see all the options I think I made a bad decision but I moved on had the operation, recovered and returned to work. I moved house and changed my doctor to a lady doctor a few years later. While there for a minor problem I mentioned that I was still not having periods and felt tired all the time and progressively putting on weight. She put me in for a blood test for the menopause, when the results came in they said my prolactin was very high and wanted to repeat the test, after several tests and all showing very high prolactin I was referred to the hospital. I must say they are very good the team I have, but when I asked if the breast problem may have been caused by the prolactin they all said no! no! Well if prolactin produces milk and I never had any milk seepage than what happened to the milk, maybe it got stuck in my ducts and produced the lump, but no one seem interested in this information. I think that if a woman suddenly stops her periods for no apparent reason that the doctors should test for prolactin and not keep saying you are maybe going through the menopause or you’re not going through it but we don’t know why they have stopped. So after 7 years a breast removed and now looking forward to yet another operation on the tumor things could be worse but I find all this very hard to take as this could have been avoided years ago, maybe this is ringing bells to other ladies out there who have not had periods and are also getting no answers. I would love to hear from anyone else who has had the operation to let me know how they got on after the operation, the recovery and any unexpected things I may encounter after the operation. And ladies check your breasts of any unusual lumps. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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