Newly Diagnosed Febuary 2016

Newly Diagnosed Febuary 2016

Postby Mechman28 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:58 pm

Hi All
I have just recently been diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma by my endocrinologist, and awaiting to see neurosurgeon.
my diagnosis came about after a meeting with my oncologist, who had identified I had a deficiency in testosterone, growth hormone and another luteinising or ACLH not sure which. As such I was referred to endocrinologist, who then sent me for a MRI scan, I was called back a week later for a second scan with contrast.
The outcome of which has shown I have a pituitary adenoma, he informed me it is borderline between micro and macro in size depending how you measure it.
Due to the complexities of my current health conditions,currently I am dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic myeloid leukaemia and testicular cancer as well. All of my other conditions are well under control and respond well to the medications and treatments that are associated.
I am new territory and interested to hear about other peoples experiences.

many thanks
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Re: Newly Diagnosed Febuary 2016

Postby Carl » Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:17 pm

Hi Mechman, wow, you've got a lot going on makes me feel lucky to 'only' have had a Pituitary Macro Adenoma.

I had my adenoma removed in May 2013, as mine was just over 3cm in size and impacting on my optic nerves and giving me vision problems. So they removed it quickly after diagnosis, my visual fields returned quickly although getting over the surgery and getting my hormone levels right did take a while. I feel so much better now, I am on Hydorcortisone to replace the Cortisol (lack of ACTH) I don't make any more and Nebido Testosterone injection every 10 weeks, as I don't make any T of my own now. My growth hormone is fine - I think Lutenising Hormone is associated with the production of Testosterone (I've had this condition nearly 3 years, and still get baffled by which chemical reacts to produce which hormone). I had 10 weeks off work after the surgery and I feel lucky that the end result means I only have to take daily tablets and an injection once in a while.

Treatment can vary from person to person, mine had to come out to save my eyesight, but sometimes they will treat with chemotherapy to shrink the tumour instead. They don't all have to be removed.

Just ask your Endo all the questions you can think of, tell them any sypmtom you might think related, even if it doesn't seem to be and have a good old root around in the info provided by the Pituitary Foundation

Hope all goes well, let us know how you get on.

Cheers, Carl
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Re: Newly Diagnosed Febuary 2016

Postby Mechman28 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:15 am

Hi Carl
Many thanks for your reply.
I will keep you informed as to how thing progress.

take care

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