T levels and Exercise

T levels and Exercise

Postby MikeDCross » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:41 am

I have what is probably a very silly question....

I've found out that a friend is also on T injections, and he says that the more active he is the shorter times the injections work for; his logic being that he uses up the T quicker.

I do try and spin or swim or weight train most days:
- Spin is typically 45 min of High intensity training; so lots of glut work.
- Swim is typically an hour and 2+ miles; so lots of glut work.
- weight training is mostly arms and upper body, but my legs get a decent work out.

and I have a daily pilates routine which is all based around the bridge pose, so lots of glut work.

Could this be using up my T injection quickly?
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Re: T levels and Exercise

Postby Carl » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:01 pm

I think the answer must be yes - but only on the logic below....no medical evidence :lol:

The endocrine system, when it is working normally, works using a 'feedback loop'. So part of the brain (Hypothalamus) sends a signal to tell another part of the endocrine system (the Pituitary gland) that it needs to send a signal (hormone) to to increase production of Testosterone or Thyroid or Cortisol. The relevant part of the body then responds until 'enough' is produced, the Hypothalamus then reacts again telling the endocrine system to stop producing that hormone as the body has enough. This continues over and over without us ever realising......until our endocrine system stops working correctly!

So we can never truly replace a hormone accurately with a set dose or injection, because no two people are the same and even if you and I were the same physical size and shape, you do a lot more exercise than I do.....so again your requirements are different. My analogy is if you put a gallon of petrol in my Ford Focus and I drive on a level road at 50mph, but you bomb off down the motorway at 90mph in your identical Ford Focus then you're going to run out of fuel first :)

Having rambled on a lot....I'd really like to know the answer to the question too!
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Re: T levels and Exercise

Postby MikeDCross » Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:20 pm

I had a meeting with my consultant today, who I had always considered to be very good - today she dropped in my estimation to poor.

I asked her the question about does exercise affect T levels, the response was "no drug company has done research, so there is no answer"... I would have hoped that a NHS consultant would stay current on the research being generated by universities etc, but apparently she only listens to the drug company reps.

There appears to many articles published which show
- exercise boosts T levels in when with functioning pituitary
- T levels increase with weight loss
- weight training benefits T levels when having a functioning pituitary

but nothing which shows that exercise in itself uses up T; but there is very little research on the subject.
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