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Postby Carl » Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:59 pm

Bit of an old thread this one, but I thought I'd share.

I had my Pit Tumour removed on 28th May this year. Saw the Endo Consultant on the 24th May who confirmed a tumour, phone call from the hospital to have surgery the next day and actual surgery on the 28th. All a bit of a blur....pun intended, it was because my optic nerve was being squashed that they operated so quickly after diagnosis.

I had never had surgery of any kind, so the lead up to that fateful day frightened me witless. The 'nil by mouth' overnight, the waiting during the day and finally taken down for surgery at 3pm. Then waking up at about 6pm in recovery, with a nose full of padding and shaking like a leaf, with shock. They took me back up to the ward, where in an hour or so I stopped shaking, but later on that night started to bleed profusely from my nose and down the back of my throat. The doctor was quite worried so phoned the surgeon at home, after an hour or so of packing the bridge of my nose with ice, the bleeding stopped. But very scary.

They kept the padding in my nose an extra 36 hours because of the bleed, and when the padding came out, yuk! A very messy day ensued with almost constant nosebleeds. and also no hot food for the duration. I also contracted Diabetes Insipidus whilst in hospital, which is quite common after surgery apparently. The nurses were monitoring my fluid intake and outgoings, so quickly put a stop to the DI with an injection. However, it did come back for about 6 weeks and I had to take Desmopressin tablets....thankfully it has gone away again and I hope it stays well away!

I came out of hospital after 6 days, in not too bad a state all things considered. The team in the ward at Southampton were absolutely first class. However, after about 3 weeks I contracted several infections including sickness and diahorrea, which meant I couldn't keep my Hydrocortisone down, so I ended up back in hospital for another 5 days....and felt a good deal worse after that stay in hospital than for the surgery. However, all is going well now.

So all in all, very scary period leading up to the surgery, bad bleeding and unpleasant padding in the nose and Diabetes Insipidus. But it could have been worse!
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