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Needs some help.
Since my operation last november I have suffered from headaches.
Last november I had a tumour of the pituitary removed and the pituitary gland removed. The meds i'm on is Hydrocortisone, Levothyroxine, Testosterone replacement. soon to be on growth Hormone replacement( In November)
The headaches are constant 24/7. Out of 1 - 10 pain scale they are 4-5. every so often (about 4-5 weeks the pain shoots up to a 7-8 lasts about 4-5days) when this happens I take tramadol or Oramorph for the pain.
The docs dont know what causing the headaches. I've had numurous MRI/CAT scans nothing found. Grrr :x . very frustating.
Does anyone else suffer from these sort of headaches.
Any help would be very grateful
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Postby member_6464 » Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:59 pm

Hi MadSheep,

I also suffered with massive headaches for round 8 years. After seven years the culprit was drained (a cyst on the op. site).
Later following more surgery to settle the problem, was told the headaches where called cluster headaches.
Since learned they are one the most painful things the human race can suffer more, not very comforting.
I describe the pain levels as brutal. Eventually after the ops. the pain subsided. and here's hopping hey never return.

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