Support Resources and Contacts

Support Resources and Contacts

Postby emer » Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:21 pm

I thought it might be nice to have a topic in which people can post websites etc. other than the Pituitary Foundation website, where they've found useful information, support, or contact with other patients with pituitary disorders.

A webpage uniting different bloggers who suffer from acromegaly, with links to their blogs, the latest acromegaly news etc:

A support group for people with Cushing's Syndrome:

An acromegaly support community on Facebook:

Daily Strength is a popular online support group where you can look up other people with similar conditions to your own, talk and exchange ideas. Good if you're in need of someone to talk to:

My blog (shameless plug) about my experiences with my pituitary tumour, plus I look at other pituitary conditions, pituitary news and occasionally even non-pituitary-based medicine as well:

And finally... This is a film of pituitary surgery being performed (not for the fainthearted!). It was done by Channel Four a couple of years ago, I believe, the patient had acromegaly and you see the whole process and interviews with the patient and surgeon beforehand. I'm a curious kind of person, so I found it oddly reassuring to watch this before my own surgery, but I realise not everyone will feel the same!


I'm sure there's loads more great sites and support groups out there, so keep 'em coming! Does anyone else out there write a blog about their condition?
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