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Postby Rubysox12 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:34 pm

Hi i am currently trying to get DLA, i have been turned down once and after speaking to my support worker (part of the PF) he recommended the benefits information service, its a charity that act on your behalf, you do have to pay a fee from what they manage to get you in back pay but then once your benefits are established the whole amount is yours. They are very quick at replying to forms and letters. All comments i have read about them have been positive. Maybe worth a look.
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Re: employment/benefits

Postby mumcat2 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 8:39 pm

I've had a pit problem for over 40 years; I managed to work for 18 years when I was young (!) but eventually had to accept retirement on medical grounds. As I was a teacher, the then govt put me through a medical to establish that I was not fit to work. I receive a small monthly pension ( less than £100 a week)but it's better than a kick in the teeth! These invalidity pensions were designed to be a top-up to State Incapacity Benefit until State Pension kicks in. It's certainly not much money in today's terms. We've not had a holiday since 1998, for example...our last meal out was for our daughter's 21st (She's now 28)so we hardly lived the high life even with IB.
My husband is in the same boat, but his is a mental illness issue;nevertheless, he too was govt certified as unfit to work and also gets a pension, which was not counted against Incapacity Benefits. We were both on Incapacity Benefit for donkey's years, then the beloved ESA made its appearance on the scene. Despite being pensioned off by the govt, ATOS found us both fit enough to go into the work-related group on ESA. I've appealed but don't expect my tribunal for at least a year. I had a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage in March this year - it's a form of stroke, and I'm very lucky to be alive, let alone being able to work...and three weeks post-haemorrhage we received the unexpected news that ESA (Contribution based) only lasts for 365 days. My husband now receives £15.75 a week because it's means-tested, when on IB he received over £100, because he gets his teacher's pension counted. Our glorious govt tells us that as a couple, we can get by on £141 a week to cover everything. Get real!
Not just that; the DWP claim that their records don't go back enough to prove he's been on IB since 2001, so that they overpaid him last year on ESA and we now have to pay back over £3500.
My contribution-based ESA will run out in September, and I'm dreading the possibility that we'll lose another £100+ a week because of my pension. We'll be much better off when we (eventually) get our State Pensions - why? This is a crazy unfair system for those of us who may not look like we're incapable of work but genuinely are. It feels like a total rejection of us being of any value at all to the govt and people in general. So we couldn't keep working - did we really wish for illness to stop our vocations?
Is anyone else in this boat? I'd love to hear from you.
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