Prolactinoma and IVF - any experiences?

Prolactinoma and IVF - any experiences?

Postby pixiep77 » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:33 am


It's great to have the forum back to be able to ask questions again :D

Just wondered if anyone out there with a Prolactinoma has had success with IVF? My husband and I have just undergone our first go at IVF, it worked and then unfortunately one week later I miscarried. We're pretty devastated that it worked and then was taken away from us. :cry:

Naturally, I have lots of questions in my head at the moment and one of them is to do with the Prolactinoma. I'm currently on Bromocriptine 5mg 4 x per day and just wondered if this could have had any impact on anything? I was advised to keep taking my medication throughout treatment, but now I'm not so sure.

Deep down I guess I know it probably was "just one of those things", but it would be good to hear anyone elses stories/experiences of IVF with a pituitary problem and any advice from your experiences?

We're on the NHS waiting list which is pretty huge at the moment, so we'd paid to go private for one shot - vv expensive. We're thinking of having 1 more go privately, but it really will set us back financially so I'd like to go into it next time with all the facts and questions I have answered (poor consultant at our review in a couple of weeks!).

Many Thanks and hope everyone is keeping well.
Thanks again for bringing the forum back :D
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