Controlling weight

Controlling weight

Postby member_37049 » Sat May 11, 2013 8:48 pm


I was a member just over a year ago and now I am back.

In July 2011 I found out I had a large liver tumour and I had 80% of my liver removed in September 2011. I returned back to work in February 2012. I put a lot of weight on in that time of having my liver tumour removed and was at my heaviest of 16st8lb. I soon lost a stone and half after stopping all the tripling of steroids etc. However, I am still at my heaviest of about 15st. It really gets me down, I'd love to be skinny. I can't stop eating chocolate and biscuits altogether and I suffer from low blood sugar so its swings and roundabouts. If I cut down too much I end up poorly with low blood sugar and then I have to eat more! I just can't win :| . I'm also suffering from feeling tired a lot at the moment. Does anyone else suffer from any of the problems I have and am experiencing. I know I should think myself lucky after having a brain tumour and liver tumour but I just don't want to be 15st. I feel ashamed. However, Today I have just ate junk food and haven't even felt guilty lol.

Sorry for going on and on
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Re: Controlling weight

Postby member_44338 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:17 am

I have a damaged anterior pituitary gland. I was confined to bed for about a year until I was diagnosed, and then another year and a half until my body replenished the cortisone I had lost. I am also getting growth hormone therapy because my body cannot produce it. During that difficult time, I ate a lot and gained a tremendous amount of weight. I totally understand where you are coming from. You may wish to consider consulting with a dietician who can advise you how to control your blood sugar levels and appetite. I have read your entire message, and you express yourself clearly without going on.
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Re: Controlling weight and excess sweating

Postby member_43136 » Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:29 pm

Hello - I am brand new to this site and it looks to me to contain a lot of answers to many questions I have. S0 - thanks in advance. I am 63 and been living with hypopit for 15 years as far as we know - after brain haemorrhage into Pituitary Fossa. Weight gain has always been dismissed as an impossibility by the endo team I have. But recently I shed 10lbs on a low carb / no carb diet and am quite pleased I did this and will continue. It certainly isn't coming off my waist but it certainly is coming off.
I have had over recent months a massive problem with excess sweating. OK - I know it was quite hot (!) but here in Scotland it wasn't that bad. 2 or 3 showers a day + 2/3 change of clothes is normal - even today when temp is 13C. I simply can not do anything without showering the universe with pre-owned saline.
I was placed on 175ug levothyroxine to combat tiredness - dropped back to 150ug 2 months ago. Was on 0.4mg Genotropin and this was dropped to 0.2mg because of "elevated level" which coincided with my 61st birthday!! when the books say it should be reduced - but I have felt dire since then and had a quadruple bypass to boot.
Does anyone else have issues with sweating - and will you share them please?? Best C
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Re: Controlling weight

Postby member_43153 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 4:47 pm

I had an operation in 2004 and had a cyst removed but also the hypophysis has been removed as well.

Before the operation, i was a very athletic person at the age of 14 i was around 40 kilograms. But then after i get out of the hospital i was
already 140 kilograms. So i gained a massive amount of kilograms during the time at the hospital. So from an athletic person, i become an overweight person.

Then after few months, i lost few kilos but then i was going up and up every single month and i had to stop that somehow. To figure this out i tried many ways and nothing really worked/

Started a diet, an even more strict diet, but really nothing worked for me. So really the only way i can see that it does make some change at least is to be on a normal diet and also go to the gym 3 times per week.

Of course, this need a lot of effort and time. So i go to the gym three times per week and try my best. Up till now, i have lost around 8 kilograms was 131 since i started the gym and i am now 124 kilograms.

So i will try and lose more kilograms and hopefully, i will become less than 100 kilograms sometime soon.

But the way i forget to mention that i am on the lowest dose for hydrocortisone (20mg per day) and also thyroxine (150mg and 175mg alternative days).

Is anybody else having same issues? Looking to receive some replies! :)

Kind Regards
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