weight loss and exercise

weight loss and exercise

Postby ratkinson » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:16 pm

I think weight gain is a universal problem for pituitary patients that is not really dealt with by the endocrinologists (Mine do a great job I am not knocking them) but my-self image is really bad and it is my constant weight battle and how I look, that really gets me down. I still look in the mirror and want to see my old self. I know I am not alone, so maybe we can all support each other and get fitter and leaner.
I think everyone I have met at a pituitary meeting could benefit from loosing a few pounds, but we almost accept our shape as part of our condition. Don't make steroids your excuse to be overweight-I blamed it on them for too long and did nothing about it and surprise surprise stayed fat and unfit. We just have to work harder than most to loose it .

I have always thought that I have been "over replaced" on the steroid front and was never able to shift the weight just by diets even when I stuck rigidly to them , but by upping my exercise (which must also use up the steroids as well as burning more calories), I can lose weight.
Anyway a few thoughts on the weight loss and exercise battle for everyone out there in the pituitary world:-

• I changed my hydrocortisone to 3 smaller doses per day rather than just 2, which is a better mimic of natural steroid production (eagerly waiting the new slow release steroid).Check with your endo before you make any changes.

• Join a weight loss club if you can, going for that weekly weigh in gives you more motivation. Weight watchers really works for me, lots of good recipes and sensible advice. I go tonight so hoping another pound down ( but I have learnt to be happy just to stay the same weight).
• Measure yourself ever month, and plot weight and waist hips etc on a graph. –photograph if you can bear it.
• Try and keep positive- it is really hard trying to loose weight when taking hydrocortisone, HRT, Thyroxine etc. So will take longer and require more willpower and effort than for most people.
Increase your exercise, just parking the car further away at the shops or going up the stairs does really help . If the weight is really hard to shift, think of it as at least you are getting fitter which is at least better than being overweight and unfit.
• If you get sugar cravings in the evening like I do, take up something like knitting or embroidery!! that will keep your hands out of the chocolate.
• Switch to dark chocolate- not so moorish.
• Cut portion size. I found my portions were far too big.
• Have porridge for breakfast-low GI and keeps you fuller for longer.
• Enter yourself for an event, maybe the 5k race for life-it's fine if you walk it.
• Go to adult swimming lessons and learn crawl like I did (fantastic sense of achievement to swim two lengths of crawl and not gasp for air at the end) I have now a serious addiction to swimming-Lots of overweight people at the pool too, so I didn't feel too self conscious.
Well thats all for now, hope it may help some of you out there, share your tips too

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Re: weight loss and exercise

Postby Coco » Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:39 pm

Hey Rachel,

You speak on a subject close to my heart. I find exercise is the only thing that makes me feel sane. If I haven't done anything for a few days I really start to feel bad. I know it's not always possible for some but I find that if I exercise first thing in the morning gives me that little lift I need to see me through the day. I do a lot of exercise, my favourites being spinning, aerobics and yoga, and it's not a chore, I enjoy it. However, if I leave my workout til later in the day, more often that not, I end up not feeling up to it as I always seem to struggle in the evenings with energy, general motivation and self pity!

Like most, I've struggled with my weight. I put on 3.5 stone and am 2 stone overweight despite the exercise because I just can't seem to get a grip on my eating, especially in the evenings and it's always sweet stuff I crave. I like your idea of knitting or embroidery but I'm not very craft orientated, however, I'm going to pick up a simple small cross stitch pack and give it a go! :D

Well done Rachel. It's always uplifting to hear that it can be done with perserverance and determination.

"Body follows mind. It doesn't have a choice." - Bryron Katie
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Re: weight loss and exercise

Postby jemima » Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:27 pm

I totally agree - it is possible if you do just a little.

I have followed weight watchers but with the inevitable falling off the wagon. However I had to lose the weight in order to get funding for fertility treatment. I'm pleased to say that going swimming twice a week for an hour and sticking to weight watchers I am now just about 2 stone lighter. It has taken me just under 2 years but I feel better, have more energy and more importantly have improved my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which the docs were concerned about. For me it has changed a lot, including the fact (which I'm soo pleased about) that I have now started fertility treatment and am hoping to have some good news soon (fingers crossed).

Good luck to all dieters and know that every pound makes a difference

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