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Postby Mgh » Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:01 pm

I was interested to read the article about the development of the Pituitary Distress Thermometer in the Spring edition of Pituitary Life magazine. If a patient, particularly in the earlier stages of a pituitary condition like me, is experiencing the majority of the symptoms mentioned, it is very difficult to prioritize and discuss all of these with a GP who has little experience of pituitary conditions in a situation where the GP has become accustomed to addressing symptom individually and disconnected to one another. A thermometer, like the one suggested, might raise awareness and help both the patient (who is not able to be as communicative as before because of their condition) and the GP make more efficient use of appointment time and lessen the number of appointments needed. Hopefully, the pituitary patient would reach a more balanced state of health more quickly. It is encouraging that a study is being done into how this Thermometer can be integrated into clinical care within endocrine centres. I hope it will also move out to the GP surgery.
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