Vision, eyes and visual problems

Re: Vision, eyes and visual problems

Postby Marc_U » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:27 pm


I have recently been diagnosed as having acromegaly, and an MRI scan has detected 7x 8mm tumors on the right of the pituitary gland.

I am now currently awaiting my hospital appointment in early January (2018) where I hope to find out the proposed treatment.

As I appear to have been very late diagnosed with this (both the cardiologist, & endocrinologist doctor both expressed surprise that I haven't been diagnosed sooner, as I am showing very obvious classic symptoms)

I am now semi-paranoid as to which of my existing various health issues are linked to these tumours, or not.

While trying to work this, it seems lot of personal accounts refer to vision problems, but don't clarify what the problems are.

Can anyone clarify what they experienced?

My eyesight has always been adequate (note: I didn't say good), though it seems to have shifted from long-sighted in my youth, to short-sighted now (in my mid-40s)

But I have been having some additional seeing issues, over the past few years, and am wondering if there is a link or not to these tumours

I hope someone can help.

Thamks, Marc
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Re: Vision, eyes and visual problems

Postby member_41389 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:23 pm

Hi Marc
I think I've just replied to your post elsewhere this evening.
The classic vision problem is hemianopia (the loss of peripheral vision) however pressure on the optic nerve can also damage it as well as stop some of the signals. The people in this thread are describing the impact of this damage to the optic nerve and the damage is visible to the optician as a loss of colour where the optic nerve connects to the eyeball. In most cases if the adenoma is pressing on the nerve then surgery will relieve the pressure and vision will stabilise, normally the loss of peripheral vision is recovered but some people are left with a rather difficult to pin down loss of acuity (sharpness).
All the best
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