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Research study volunteers wanted

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:26 pm
by Pat
Masters research: Understanding the Needs of Children with Pituitary Conditions – looking for participants

Jade Walsh Masters Student, Plymouth University

We ran an article in a previous Pituitary Life edition, describing a PHD project aiming to research children’s experiences of pituitary conditions. We are now restarting this research as a series of Master’s degree projects.
In this first one we are interested in hearing about what it’s like to have a pituitary condition as a young person, issues about decision-making in relation to medical care, and the transition from paediatric to adult care.
We are looking for some willing volunteers aged 10-21 who would be interested in participating in this research. The study will involve an interview approximately 1 hour long that will be conducted in a private, safe chat room online with Jade. These interviews will take place during the month of February. If you decide to take part in the study we will offer you a £10 Amazon voucher for your time.
We hope that by conducting this research we will gain an insight into the difficulties that can occur when living with a pituitary condition, help health professionals to better understand their patient’s needs and ultimately assist with guiding intervention development.
The research has been approved by the University of Plymouth and is supported by The Pituitary Foundation.
If you or your child would be interested in taking part please feel free to contact me for more information at