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Market Research

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 3:33 pm
by Pat
My name is Urte and I am a field researcher in a medical market research company called Semantics in London. We are currently conducting a market research study in UK to test the usability of self-injection devices. For the project we are looking for:

- 2 adult parents or guardians responsible for administering growth hormone to children (4-11 years);

- 1 teenager (12 – 16 years) that self-inject;

- 3 people with acromegaly

The aim of the study is to assess the usability of 2 self-injection prototypes for a new range of platform injection devices. During the sessions, participants will be asked to perform a series of tasks with the device that allows them to experience the key user tasks e.g. attaching the needle assembly, uncovering the needle, releasing the safety bezel.

Participants’ performance will be observed, and they will be encouraged to discuss their experience, focussing on the usability and ergonomics of the device. There are no right or wrong answers as we are merely interested in respondents’ opinions. Please note that the interviews will be audio recorded for analysis purposes only. Participants’ names and contact details are not passed to any third party nor linked to interviews and answers will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Note: This is not a clinical trial. Respondents will only be asked to interact with certain features of the device and express their subjective feedback. They will not be asked to inject any drug into the body and there will be no actual medication in use.

As a sign of appreciation each participant will be offered an incentive of £60. The interviews will last approximately 45 minutes.

The study will be taking place in June, 2011.

We are happy to conduct this study with participants from anywhere in the country. We would be able to either organize their travel to attend the session in London or we can travel to a venue in a city close to their homes.

Please, let me know if you require further information. I am available both: via email and telephone/mobile:

Urte Jakimaviciute

Direct Line: +44 (0) 208 326 5613

Mobile: +44 (0) 7545 501 623



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Re: Market Research

PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:18 pm
by DerryAcro
hi tried emailing you twice keep geting the following rejected your message to the following email addresses: (

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:39 am
by Pat
Hi there, this research was from 2011, so will have closed.
many thanks