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Lost friends

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:49 pm
by member_6464
Hi to all sufferers,

How many of you half lost some or all your friends since diagnosis of pituitary problem?
Do you find it difficult to make friends and maintain friendship with them?


Re: Lost friends

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:52 pm
by plum
a very interesting question John! what on earth brought that up?

i've certainly lost touch with several people becasue i no longer have the energy or enthusiasm to get out and about as before. plus of course loss of job due to pituitary condition means that i cannot afford it, either!

but some of the lost contacts has been from my side. i get fed up of 'well meaning' people who now treat me as a charity case or those who insist on asking how i am and then treat me as though i am exagerating / making things up. i've decided that life's easiest without them and if they don't get in touch then neither do i and hey ho another lost friend. golly that makes me sound quite grumpy doesn't it? and yet i seem to laugh and smile quite a lot......but so long as i have had plenty of time alone to 'recover' from social interaction.

i think i have just lost the capacity to interact with people as much as before and i get brainache if i don't feel at ease. i'd rather keep my limited energy for people i feel most comfortable with and who just talk about things NOT linked to my health. mainly family and neighbours actually. and as for making new friends.......oh i cannot be bothered! too much effort. makes me tired just thinking about it. (certainly was NOT like that pre-illness).

meanwhile what do you say when people ask "how are you?" ?


Re: Lost friends

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:05 pm
by member_6464
Hi Plum,

The reason this was brought up was I lost almost all my friends since diagnosis.
Another reason is , as our problems don't seem too be very mainstream and
Very rarely meet another person with similar diagnosis, I was just wondering if
the experience was similar to other pit patients.

My answer to the question "how are you?" depends on my mood and who's asking.
I like people I meet for the first time to know I have a disease. If their interested
I'll tell them the details off my condition.

Sometimes, especially if things are bad, I hate the question. I got into a bad habit
Of not asking them how they are. You begin to think your the only person in the word
who is sick. Stupid actually.

Because of my weigh gain and visible signs of the stroke my self confidence was
disappeared and I find difficult to talk to people. Some people talk me but only later
you discover they started talking because they found me a bit different. Very, very
depressing and really annoying.