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I am pretty new to this forum as well as just joining. I am a married fifty five year old man with two adult children, at present I am undiagnosed, I am due to see a entrologists for testing this September. I display all the symptoms of Acromegaly as do my mother and as did her deceased siblings, to the extent they became housebound.

A bit about me, I have always been active,I had weight issues as a child and a late developer (late walker), I was borne with knock knees and undescended testicals, my mothers teeth fell out when she was expecting me and she was forced to false teeth. As a child I was unable to run like most children and often fell over as a result of running. Because of my difficulties I was often a victim of bullying. when I left school I took up cycling, fishing and dancing in my early twenties to the extent of teaching at dance school. This was when saturday night fever and grease was all the rage,I lost a lot of weight during this time. I did have fluctuations during stressfull times often an increase but I put that down to normal stress responses. Half of my married life I have been quite active leading a normal life then things started to go wrong in my late thirties. Firstly my right knee locked and I had to have cartilage trimmed, then I had anal fissures, then my body ballooned by nine stone in a few months, developing a enlarged prostrate,sleep apnea and fused vertebrae of the lower back. I developed yellowing around the eyes, my doctor was unsympathetic just treating the enlarges prostrate and putting me on xenical, as you can imagine I lost no weight only gained. A few years ago my family underwent genetic counseling under our request, a Dr Lunt, he said there was something there, he tested all my family (wife and children).

For sixteen years I have tried to get tested for a genetic condition, doctors are quick to lable "obese". without finding the cause. Finally a new doctor a new diagnosis, I was diagnosed with Chronic venous insufficiency following a echo cardiogram investigation and urology appointment. I was prescribed compression stockings and loop diuretics, these have helped a lot. I still. I still get tired at night, often retiring at 9pm. My aunty when she was alive would often retire at 6pm and wake up at 8am next morning. At times I wish I had more energy in the evening, I think my wife does too.

Because of my health I am unable to walk far depending on a walking stick, mobility scooter and car for getting around. I don't have much of a social life apart from fishing with my family during the summer and I keep bees, only a few hives as well as gardening (light). The only exercise I take is swimming, but of late due to financial constraints have had to put this on a back burner for a while until finances change. Other than that I am normally quite cheerfull, like most of you my biggest bug bear is clothes and shoes, oh to be able to wear my wedding ring again!
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