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Re: Newly Diagnosed and new forum member

Postby member_41389 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:31 pm

Hi Richard
It's interesting to hear your comments about therapy. I'm now on octreotide after a year on lanreotide - the side effects of the octreotide are less than lanreotide for me.
They did try me on cabergoline first; I was on 1 tablet per week as two doses on Wednesday and Saturday. It was disastrous after 2 weeks I couldn't breath or exercise (25 metres was too far) so they said stop and it took anouth 6 to 8 weeks before I'd got rid of all the impact. This was all for a 20% chance that it would have any effect on GH.
Hope all goes well for you
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Re: Newly Diagnosed and new forum member

Postby plum » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:01 pm

i have been on lanreotide since 2011.
they did add cabergoline at one stage to control the prolactin but my mood went 'odd'. although that could be because it coincided with coming off antidepressants.
anyhow the cabergoline was stopped since it had done its job and i was put back on the antidepressants.
but my prolactin is going up again and my mood is becoming more 'volatile' so who knows....
there is nothing 'settled' is there?
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Re: Newly Diagnosed and new forum member

Postby stevea » Mon May 07, 2018 1:47 pm

In reply to the lanreotide injections. I started on them a few months ago and have had no problems. Injection can hurt but it is pot luck where the nurse injects. generally it is ok
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