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Acromegaly and Asthma, Hayfever and Type 2 Diabetesd

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:55 pm
by member_41389
This may be a silly question but I'll ask even so.
First some background; I was diagnosed with Asthma in 2005 and in the succeeding years had progressively more trouble which seemed to be related to Hay Fever which also steadily got worsewith time. In mid 2014 I was diagnosed with Secondary Adrenal Suppression and use Hydrocortisone initially 20 mg per day (10, 5, 5). However within a few months I was no stable on the dose and ended back in hospital in early 2015 with no obvious explanation for the problems; eventually my endocrinologist increased my HC to 25 mg (10, 5, 5, 5 at 4 hour intervals). This had the unexpected bonus of "curing" my Hay Fever and significantly improving the Asthma as a result. At the end of 2015 I was diagnosed with Acromegaly (delay resulted from change in Consutant so the fact that the IGF-1 result from July 2014 hadn't been reported was missed). Following Colonoscopies (don't ask) and Surgery to remove the adenoma in June 2016 I'm now in the happy position where although the Acromegaly is not cured it is very much better. This has had some strange consequences:
1: HBa1c was 53 pre-surgery and dropped to 45 now. So I'm currently at high risk of Diabetes rather than a Type 2 Diabetic!
2: My Peak Flow has improved from about 450 when healthy (my worst was below 200) to 550 so I'm now in the target range for my age!
3: My Blood Pressure has improved from pre-surgery requiring two medicines and constantly revised doses and still be unacceptably high; to post-surgery requiring one medicine and being well behaved (in fact I think it may still be improving)!

The question then is simply - Can Acromegaly really have such a wide ranging impact on the body as might be suggested in such a significant apparent improvement in health?
Does anyone who had Acromegaly have similar experiences or am I just lucky?

At the moment I think that the surgery and the ensuing Hyponatraemia, seizure (which has taken my driving licence for at least 6 months) and general hassle may have been a price well worth paying to achieve these apparent benefits!!

Thanks for any comments


Re: Acromegaly and Asthma, Hayfever and Type 2 Diabetesd

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:50 pm
by plum

well that's good news about your asthma and hay fever!
I can't comment on the specific case of asthma etc but from experience yes it CAN and DOES seem to affect a lot of systems in the body.
And surgery / treatment does seem to stabilise some things.

In my case my blood pressure has always been relatively low but at the time of diagnosis was apparently quite high. Post surgery / radiotherapy / treatment etc it has returned to 'normal'.
Similarly, my salt and cholesterol levels have always been quite low. They are now quite high and don't seem to want to come back to normal. I've been told this is due to the growth hormone from the tumour remnant.

I suppose that's why we have to be regularly monitored.

good luck with it all


Re: Acromegaly and Asthma, Hayfever and Type 2 Diabetesd

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:53 am
by member_41389
Thanks Plum for the reply.
I've now been put on Cabergoline as a trial for 3 months. I don't think I can last that long on the basis of the experience so far. Headaches, nausea, breathlessness and dizziness seem too high a price to pay for what appears to be a low prospect of it succeeding in controlling excess Growth hormone (apparently it's good for Prolactin but only 1 in 5 chance of significant effect on GH).