Crainiopharyngioma followed by Cushing's

Crainiopharyngioma followed by Cushing's

Postby Dodgezeb » Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:39 pm

When I was young I had a Crainiopharyngioma which was operated on and I had radiotherapy. I took hydrocortisone for a short while and was taken off it because my pituitary was making the cortisol hormone.
Recently I've been feeling quite I'll (extreme tiredness, heart palpitations, light headedness) so I requested a cortisol blood test. The test came back showing I have high cortisol levels. What does this mean? Is it likely to be another type of tumour or does panhypopituitarism also cause this?
To be fair I've probably been getting symptoms for years, such as nasty mouth ulcers, weight gain etc.
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