Growth hormone in older adults

Growth hormone in older adults

Postby member_4517 » Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:32 am

Is there anyone out there who is taking HGH and is in their 70's? I had Cushings and transphenoidal surgery to remove a pituitary tumour 21 years ago in Southampton General. Started HGH about 7 months ago. Seemed to feel a lot better in the first 2 months, then back to all the old symptoms of feeling exhausted as soon as I wake up, achey muscles and so on. Is there anyone with similar symptoms/problems and how are you dealing with day to day life.
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Re: Growth hormone in older adults

Postby buddyboy » Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:08 pm

sorry for the delay responding - I don't visit here that often.
I am 63 (not quite 70!), I have Hypopituitarism, started growth hormone in April 2012, had surgery in Dec 2012, and am continuing with growth hormone (HGH). I have had periods when I even felt that the HGH was making me feel worse, but when I stopped injecting for a few weeks I found out that stopping really made me feel much worse. My conclusion now is that it definitely helps me feel better. Aching muscles I have had too, associated with HGH - I get this if I inject too much (I've tried experimenting!), so maybe your dose is too high? I inject 0.2mg/day (at night time) of Genotropin. Sometimes I feel I need a really good stretch in the morning - that seems to help. I am not sure why your exhaustion has come back, but I guess that could be due to anything. Dealing with life? Well, it is just an on-going challenge I guess....I'm no longer working because of these issues. Hope things improve!
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