Intranasal DDAVP

Intranasal DDAVP

Postby Pat » Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:15 pm

DDAVP Desmopressin intranasal solution
Ferring have let us know that unfortunately they are temporarily out of stock of this product. This is due to a manufacturing issue and it is likely to be the end of May 2016 before normal supply is resumed.

It may be worth trying a couple of other pharmacies in your local area as some will still have stock on their shelves. If this is not successful, then Ferring advises that you see your GP to ask for an alternative product to be prescribed.

The following equivalence guidelines are very approximate and represent a large range but Ferring say that you may require 10 to 20 times a greater dose of desmopressin with the tablet oral formulations than with the nasal formulations. They then derive the Melt dose from tablet conversion.

Therefore, if a patient is on a nasal (spray or intranasal) dose of 10mcg (0.1 ml) twice a day, then a suitable tablet oral dose may be 100mcg or 200mcg twice a day.

This would convert to a Melt dose of approximately 60mcg or 120mcg twice a day. Please seek advice from your GP or endocrinologist on dose titration as these are general guidelines.
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