Growth hormone and injury

Growth hormone and injury

Postby Coco » Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:11 pm

As a New Year's resolution I signed up to a kilomathon (that's a 26.2km run). I have til October to physically prepare for it but I threw myself into training with gusto. I did 3 runs per week for three weeks at around 6k each time. I take 0.8 of growth hormone nightly and, because in a healthy person there is a spike of GH after exercise, I decided to inject 0.2 in each thigh after a run and then reduce the nightly dose to 0.6 thus increasing my overally daily increase from 0.8 to 1.0. I only did this on the days I was running. This seemed to work well and I felt like I was recovering well after each session.

The last couple of runs I was getting a twinge in my left hip. At first, I just ran through it as it was only sore when I walked and actually felt ok running. It's now got worse. I have seen online that atheletes (not that I consider myself quite in that category yet!) have, on occasion, had growth hormone injected directly into injured joints to aid recovery.

I will discuss this all with my endocrinologist at my next appointment (end of Feb) but in the interim I was wondering if anyone had any experience/thoughts on the following points:

*Increasing GH intake on days when intense exercise is taken
*Increasing GH for injury recovery
*Whether the location GH is injected has any bearing on recovery

I'm am keen to hear others thoughts and theories
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Re: Growth hormone and injury

Postby ratkinson » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:22 am

Interesting thoughts, not really come across GH linked with joint problems- could explain a lot with me though.
I sort of do triathlons (the odd one for the challenge) Recently I moved house and have not got the funding for my GH sorted out yet, so have had to take a reduced dose and now I am down to nothing. I normally swim twice a week (a couple of miles) cycle 35-50miles and run approx 6 . Running is my week point and I have been trying to increase my milage, but am plagued by hip and ankle pain. I sort one bit out and another flares up. I just assumed it was my age (48) and problems related to my steroid levels. These last 2 weeks when I have been on less GH I am creaking around and for the first time have trouble with my knees from cycling (nothing different in terms of bike set up) so It could be the lack of GH that is causing it.
I would be cautious taking more GH than you are prescribed as too much can do you more harm than good, and as to injecting into a joint- well that sounds a bit risky! Interested to know what your specialist thinks though.
It could be that you are running in the wrong sort of shoes, have you had your gait analysed, I pronate slightly so buy trainers that give more support- most good running shops have a treadmill and a camera that can look at the way you run. Or it could just be that you are doing a bit too much too fast!

Anyway good luck with your training keep us informed

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Re: Growth hormone and injury

Postby Coco » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:24 am

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your reply. I did get my gait analysed last month and was recommended a neutral shoe as I don't particularly over or under pronate. I did go to the osteopath yesterday and apparently there is a fair bit of stiffness in my left foot compared to my right and my iliotibial band is tight so I've got a roller and exercises to do so hopefully that will help. Hip is feeling a bit better so hopefully I can get back to my training soon!

When I injected my GH into my hip, I'm not injecting into the joint itself as the needle wouldn't be long enough (and I'm way too squeamish for that!). So it's still a subcutaneous injection but close to the injury site. I'm curious as to whether injecting the GH close to the injury site would have any bearing on the injury process. Unfortunately there's no way of knowing if the injury's healing quicker or not. After injecting 2 days in my hip there were no overnight miracles so I went back to my regular areas.

I'm impressed by your workout regime! I've just finished reading Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run and before that I didn't believe I could ever be tempted by triathlon but now I'm thinking maybe next year.....

Talking about running before you can walk!

Thanks for your input :)
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