Postby bex » Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:13 pm

Hi All

My diagnosis 2 years ago was unexplained hypopit

Well been feeling very down, tired! and mood swinging here and there, feel very anxious but not sure why? Am going to see my endo consultant tomorrow for a chat about it all but feeling I may ask about Growth Hormone. It was put to me that I fit the criteria but I was reluctant as I realise it is a daily injection, I've been in denial about it all trying to pretend everything is fine and normal when actually I feel like crap so best do something about it.

Has anyone got any info about their experience of growth hormone and has it helped?

Thanks Bex
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Re: Tired.com

Postby member_38638 » Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:49 pm

Hi Bex

I was suffering with very similar symptoms a year ago - my main ones being fatigue and huge weight gain - i was going to gym 3 times a week and weight was still going on around my middle.
I was diagnosed, after tests, by my Dr / consultant just before my 40 birthday, last July, and have been on GH since.
I take the daily injections - and have reached what we think is the optimum amount. The amounts are increased each month. I am no longer a "sofa Slug" and am back at work after 9 months off - so a def improvement. I have started going back to the gym doing pilates and cardio - but have to remember that i am not quite back to "normal" (what ever that is/was..!!)
I have to keep an eye on my recovery times.....
I was also put on a 20 mg antidepressant which has got rid of the anxiety and any panic attacks - they did try and wean me off but the depression symptoms returned. It looks like i will need them for quite a while but have been advised that there is no long term issue as the dosage is so small??
I still suffer from the social withdrawal - but that is slowly improving too

Living in Jersey, I am the only GH patient so I am going over to Squires S'Hampton in 2 weeks to see Dr Partha Kar incase he feels my meds need be tweaked - i also take thyroid meds too.
The only issue i am coming up with is travelling - need to make sure there are fridges in the rooms or at least access to one for the GH

Any questions please ask

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Re: Tired.com

Postby Bill » Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:16 pm

having spoken to quite a few people both in our support group and online it seems depression is a very common problem with sufferers of pituitary problems.
I think sometimes the hospitals just deal with the physical side of the condition and don't really consider or warn us about the mental side.
Maybe thats something that should be addressed more on this forum too.
Its quite obvious if you just read through the posts on the forum that this is a major problem. :)
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Re: pituitary and depression

Postby member_32033 » Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:38 pm


I hope you don't mind me chipping in but I really can relate to the comments. I'm not hormone deficient but have had 2 surgeries and radiotherapy for acromegaly since 2007.
Have had a few minor bouts of depression in between treatments, mainly because nothing seemed to be working. Last summer it all got too much and had a major depression which went on for quite a few months. I think mine was probably mainly stress and anxiety induced and having more or less 'coped' since 2007, whatever that is, I finally cracked last year under the strain.

I benefited hugely from regular counselling sessions arranged by my lovely GP on the NHS. Made a big difference and now feel better equipped to cope with this wretched illness. I know counselling is not for everyone but sometimes it can really help you get out of a difficult patch. I'm still prone to bad days/ moments when it all seems an uphill struggle which I guess is not uncommon. It does seem that a lot of pituitary patients suffer from depression. Makes you wonder if it is also linked to hormonal imbalances that many of us experience.
Anglo Belgian
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Re: Tired.com and genotropin miniquick

Postby Anna » Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:43 pm

Hi Susie

Just to let you know there is a growth hormone that you don't have to keep in the fridge. It is genotropin miniquick and comes in a pack of 7 syringes. It is refrigerated before dispensing but can then be kept for 6 months at room temperature.

I've used it for quite a while now for when I go on holiday and keep some by my bed for when I occasionally forget to take GH using the normal pen that is refrigerated and too tired to wait for it to warm up before injecting!

My GP says it costs the same per dose as the normal genotropin cartidges. There is an excellent article in one of the Pituitary magazines about different types of GH available.

All the best
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Re: Tired.com

Postby Coco » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:36 am


If you're GH deficient I highly recommend taking GH replacement. I had to wait 2 years before I could start my GH therapy owing to a wait for surgery and the difference it has made cannot be overstated. When you're feeling low and depressed it's hard to remember how good normal feels. I didn't realise just how tired and depressed I had been until I started feeling better as it's hard to see your situation clearly.

I know the idea of an injection can seem daunting but it's not like blood tests where they find a vein or immunisations that go deep into muscle tissue causing soreness. It's a small very fine needle that just needs to penetrate under the skin. I promise you, after a short while it will feel as common place as brushing your teeth.

Good luck!
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Re: Tired.com

Postby bex » Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:48 pm

Thanks for everyones posts, I did go and see my consultant and so far have had another MRI, then need to do a 24 hr urine test, then going in for the day to have a cortisone day curve test thing. Then I'll see the consultant to see what he thinks and if I need to start a trial of growth hormone. Still having days where I want to hide away in bed but thats not really an option which is probably a good thing as i'd probably feel worse if I did.

Anglo Belgian it sounds like you have had a really difficult time and no wonder things got too much, I'm glad your getting the support tho and feeling better for it. Totally agree with you that hormones are responsible for how we are mentally and as Bill said hospitals dont always help with the psychological side of patients with pituitary problems.

Susie Thanks for the info and your experiences, I hope the gh will make me more energetic and less of a moody ar@e :D if it does then I'll be happy I'm sure and husband too ;) . Sounds like you've come a long way since you were diagnosed which is encouraging. I hope your appointment goes o.k. Shame you have to travel so far tho.

Coco Thanks for the words of support, not too worried about doing the injections as have had fertility treatment and got used to needles and injecting myself I think its more the fact its for life that gets me :roll: but like you said itjust becomes part of your routine like brushing your teeth.

Anyway best go as my little girl is wanting my attention and need to get tea on the go.
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