Medical Market Research

Medical Market Research

Postby Pat » Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:20 pm

A medical market research company called Semantics in London are looking for a total of 5 people with growth hormone deficiency: these can be either adults who self-inject or the parents/guardians of children/teenagers.

We are also looking for 3 people with acromegaly: either self-injecting or not.

The aim of the study is to assess the usability of a range of 6 prototypes for a new range of platform injection devices. During the sessions, participants will be asked to perform a series of tasks with the device.

The location of the interviews is in Hammersmith and we can schedule respondents at various times in the first two weeks of April. Once you contact us we can accommodate the exact time to fit your needs and you will be sent exact location details after that.
£60 will be paid to each participating individual.

Note: This is not a clinical trial. Respondents will only be asked to interact with certain features of the device and express their subjective feedback. They will not be asked to inject any drug into the body and there will be no actual medication in use.

Please contact Urte Jakimaviciute (Project Coordinator) on:
Direct Line: 0208 326 5613
Mobile: 07545 501 623
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