Leuven University study for patients and carers

Leuven University study for patients and carers

Postby Pat » Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:49 pm

Leuven University KCL study on Patient & Caregiver Voice on Value of new medicines NOW LAUNCHED

We are delighted that the Pituitary Foundation agreed to be our Study Partner to explore how patients affected by rare or genetic conditions and their caregivers define 'value' when thinking about new medicines.
We are pleased to announce that the web survey supporting our research project has now been launched.

The webpage hosting our survey is: http://www.uzleuven.be/en/what-makes-a-new-medicine-valuable-to-youPlease click on this link to be taken to the study.

Please note that:
- This survey is intended to BOTH individuals affected by a rare/genetic condition and their caregivers living in the United Kingdom
- 16 patient associations, representing collectively some 80+ rare/genetic diseases, have kindly accepted to partner with us
- The survey will run from August 1st till October 31st (i.e. 3 months)

This study questionnaire should take 20 minutes to complete.
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