Visual research study

Visual research study

Postby Pat » Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:38 am

The Research Team at the University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospital would like to receive your feedback on a proposed research study involving patients with pituitary tumours.

Aims of the Study
Patients with pituitary tumours experience visual failure because of the pressure these tumours exert on the optic nerves. This study aims to develop novel MRI techniques to identify the factors associated with visual failure in these patients. This will help clinicians to confidently advise patients about the optimum timing of treatment.

Patient Participation
The total duration of involvement in the study will be approximately 6 months. Each patient will be assessed on 4 occasions: once before their operation and 3 times after surgery. Each assessment involves a series of eye tests (40 minutes) and one MRI scan (90minutes). The surgery patients undergo will not change if they participate in the study and subsequent outpatient follow-up arrangements will also remain unchanged.

Request for Feedback
We are very interested in any feedback you may have regarding this study. Please complete our brief survey at or alternatively you can email your comments to

Further details at
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